Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fascinating - St. Elizabeth of Schonau on the Fate of Origen

[Speaking to the Blessed Virgin Mary]
"'I beg you, my lady, may you deign to reveal something to me about Origen?  He was a great doctor of the church, who honorably and lovingly wrote your praises in many places.  Is he saved or not, since the catholic church condemns him for the many heretical things found in his writings?'

To this she answered in this way, 'It is not the will of God that much be revealed to you about this.  However, you should know that the error of Origen dd not come from malice, but from the excessive fervor by which he immersed his thought in the profundities of holy scripture, which he loved, and in divine secrets, which he wished to scrutinize too much.  On account of this, the punishment in which he is detained is not grave.  Know indeed that for those honors that he offered me in his writings, a special light shines on him among the other souls on those special feasts in which my memory is celebrated in the church.  However, what will be done to him on the last day is not to be revealed to you now, for the Lord wishes to keep this among His secrets.'"

-From the Third Book of Visions, V

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